[Wine] Re: Compiling wine in Ubuntu Oneiric

ZombieRedShirt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 14 07:17:40 CST 2011

It appears I owe everyone here an apology. It seems that under the audio tab in winecfg, choosing a specific output device, in this case my usb headset, results in pulseaudio not being used. However, setting system default does allow pulseaudio to be used. Tried under wine 1.3.31 under a chroot setup, and 1.3.32 under my installed ubuntu.

Thanks all for the suggestions. Seems my user name is quite fitting after all  [Embarassed] However, I would have thought that pulseaudio would have been used whatever audio device I had selected, so I'm still a little confused.

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