[Wine] Re: UXTheme and Vista Styles potential problem

kramlat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 17 23:52:41 CST 2011

Fred2 wrote:
> > If the theme engine can hook into other GUI toolkits externally as well [...] you could make wine apps seamlessly blend in with those on your desktop.
> So that is the way to go!
> Any thoughts by wine developers on that? When and how would this be possible? At least for system colors and system icons should be feasible. Hooking GTK into msstyles (for bitmap-styled buttons etc.) is understandably the most challenging and probably above the scope.

Metatheme has done the reverse (msstyles in qt and gtk+) so I am sure it can be done, I may try it if I can have a crack at it.

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