[Wine] Re: SWTOR requires 30Gb, wine has only 20 Gb. Allocate memory+?

darKoram wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 25 21:27:37 CST 2011

Thanks all,
I keep forgetting, I have 150 Gb free, but on my "D:" drive /media/DATA .  My linux and thus wine are on a partition called filesystem with only 20Gb free.  At the moment, the swtor.exe installer seems happy enough accepting 11Gb instead of 20Gb, and an icon is put on my desktop.  But double click and all i get is an embossed window frame with the desktop image.  Something starts for a few seconds and then disappears.  The process doesn't die completely cause if i click again it says, "only one instance can run".

I tried shrinking my D partition to transfer space to linux, but things got tricky and i'll have to wait for backup before attempting again.  


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