[Wine] Re: Wine on Tiger

mrivera wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 2 23:49:00 CDT 2011

When I try to run the install its saying this..

michael-riveras-computer:~/desktop michaelrivera$ cd "wine-1.3.29"
michael-riveras-computer:~/desktop/wine-1.3.29 michaelrivera$ ./tools/wineinstall
Wine Installer v1.0

You are running wineinstall as root, this is not advisable. Please rerun as a user.
michael-riveras-computer:~/desktop/wine-1.3.29 michaelrivera$ 

I went into the Netinfo Manager, disabled the root user and it still didn't work. My account is the only one on this computer, and I am the admin. Don't know what's going on. Thanks for your help and the quick replies Charles.

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