[Wine] Downloading problem

Scribbler wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 3 01:14:02 CDT 2011

Well first off i doubt  I even uninstalled my last one properly.  To catch you guys up for what has been happening, I found this other site that talked about Wine and it seemed exactly what I have been looking for, so downloaded it using the link they had.  An ejectable icon come up on my finder and from that I could easily drag and drop Wine and Wine Bottler to the App folder.  YAY it worked, tested it by downloading a windows based media player and could use it fine.  Noticed something was up when i tried games, from that I saw that the version was outdated, leading me to this site with research.

I don't understand terminal coding, nor do i know how i downloaded to old wine (that refused to update but saw an update).  So did what I normally do (right click, trash).  I HATE the wineHQ way of downloading it, why is it so dang confusing, there are so many folders and file UGH.  I did what the read me said, and terminal popped up saying "You're running this from the wrong directory.
Change to the Wine source's main directory and try again.
logout".  I clicked the wineinstall under the tools folder like i was told.  I tried this with two different versions.  

Basically Im asking for a few things here.

How do I uninstall something properly? (please be as detailed as you can I seriously need as fine of detail as possible sorry)and include all the ways for very way to download it from sorry don't get this stuff haven't had to do this before.

Is there a place to download the latest functional version as easy as NORMAL apps, I don't care for terminal, in fact if your not going to detail it for me I don't want to even see it popup.

PS. Sorry if I sound grumpy or made types, frustrated how something so simple as downloading an updated version of what I had already had is complex.

Thank you for any help I'll appreciate it!

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