[Wine] Re: problems installing wine 1.3.24/sketchup 8/on fedora 15

onewaydave wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 14 12:51:07 CDT 2011

After reading Martin's post I opened Activities>Applications>Other and found several Wine icons that I had not noticed before, I'd been working off the Applications general menu.  I was able to open Notepad, Regedit and Wordpad from the icons placed there from the winetricks install (?).   They seem to work fine.

>From this I think Wine is working OK.

So where am I going wrong with SketchUp?

I did find some older/other posts on dll's that weren't downloaded or were in a wrong directory/file.  The terminal output seems to allude to this (above post code).    These were in other versions of Linux and I'm still a little intimidated about deleting and moving files around without some guidance.  I will certainly appreciate any suggestions.


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