[Wine] Spotify displays incorrectly

plantperson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 19 14:56:44 CDT 2011

Hello all,
I've found some discussion of this problem on the AppDB already, but I haven't been able to solve it. Spotify runs fine under  Wine but a large amount of the interface is covered in black bars, making it hard to find buttons. It looks thus:
[Image: http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/6047/screenshotks.png ]
This is a netbook, so the graphics chipset is likely some sort of generic Intel thing. OS is Linux Mint, wine is version 1.3.21 .
Any suggestions would be appreciated... I think Spotify just cut Unlimited subscribers out of the Linux port, so it's back to emulation again, unfortunately.

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