[Wine] Re: Locating .tff or .fon file for fonts in C:WindowsFont

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 19 23:00:32 CDT 2011

Could you have your app read the font files in %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts directly to determine their names and whether they are *.ttf format or *.fon format as well as using registry values (that may or may not be there)? That way you get all the font files in the %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts folder as well as any fonts in an obscure folder referenced by the registry. Perhaps even register any font file in %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts not already registered in the registry.

There was (maybe still is) a bug in WineTricks that does not register font files that it installs. So you definitely want a method not dependent on the registry (you've seen what things dependent on the registry do, right?). Maybe even let the user pick whether they want the program to scan the %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts folder to find fonts (one optional paramether), register font files found in the %SYSTEMROOT%\Fonts folder not already registered (another optional parameter), use the registry to find fonts (another optional parameter), and maybe even delete registry values that reference non-existant font files (another optional parameter). And so that the user can have any one of those parameters on or off (as opposed to only getting to pick one parameter). I don't know your intentions, but those could be command line options and/or check box options, etc.

Perhaps the ttx dev team could give you a hand parsing font files directly? Or at least view their source code?


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