[Wine] Re: Keylogger question

isobella wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 26 02:38:45 CDT 2011

micdhack wrote:
> My wow account was hacked and since i logged in more from ubuntu than windows i wanted to ask if it is possible a keylogger to be installed through wine and if it could start automatically to monitor the system each time linux starts or each time i start some wine application.
> By the way i used antivirus to scan linux and wine directories and nothing was found

In my experience, the keylogger is invisible, and it run with other applicatioons. What's more, most keyloggers are undetectable. While, I know a very simple way to detect it. Type CTRL + ALT + DELETE, it will open your Task Manager, Processes tab look for BKP. exe or AKL. exe, if you find the BKP. AKL exe or. exe's why you have keylogger. 
* Remembering that if you can not always detect Keylogger by CTRL + ALT + DELETE. 
For those who have a little more technical knowledge, it also noted the hint of how good the performance of the processor. If it is working continuously even if the computer does not have many applications running is a sign that the machine can produce something suspicious.

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