[Wine] Re: What else do I need?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 31 08:42:05 CDT 2011

pooky2483 wrote:
> I I've installed WINE OK and installed a program by it but I've got one program that failed to install, 'Surething CD/DVD labeller'

If talking about program that designs and prints sticky CD labels, then you should probably look for native alternatives.

pooky2483 wrote:
> Has WINE enabled Internet access?

Yes. As long as your system can access it.

pooky2483 wrote:
> Full use of graphics cards?

Depends what you mean here. Yes, Wine can use video cards, but only via OpenGL. If you have an Intel or ATI card they will have issues with some (ati) / most (intel) games.

pooky2483 wrote:
> Full use of soundcards?

Regular sound works. Anything extra (more then 2 channels, 3D, effects) doesn't.

pooky2483 wrote:
> Full use of TV cards?

No. For this you will have to use native Linux programs.

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