[Wine] Re: What else do I need?

Jacobee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 31 09:09:41 CDT 2011

pooky2483 wrote:
> I I've installed WINE OK and installed a program by it but I've got one program that failed to install, 'Surething CD/DVD labeller'
> .[Image: http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/7308/screenshotat20111030220.th.png ] (http://img831.imageshack.us/i/screenshotat20111030220.png/)
> Any ideas why it failed?
> What else, if anything do I need to install alongside WINE od do to WINE to get it working fully. 
> Has WINE enabled Internet access?
> Full use of graphics cards?
> Full use of soundcards?
> Full use of TV cards?
> Another thing, I had to search EVERYWHERE for my 'normal' Drive 'E' & 'F', as they were buried deep inside Ubuntu's structure of filing.

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