[Wine] Re: Question on Wine CPU usage

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 1 22:50:23 CDT 2011

Well... you'd need the actual usage data captured during use over some time and looked at to really know whats gong on... but are you sure those are all the numbers for virtualbox?  I do not have virtualbox installed (and do not want to)... but VMWare sure takes up more CPU usage for me than Wine, but is has several processes running, more than what your listing for virtualbox..

I think the problem might not be in Wine, since your Wine usage looks high, but in the program you are running in Wine.  I run something simple like Notepad and average below 1% Total...  The programs you are running might have some issue with some part of Wine that is causing more CPU usage.

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