[Wine] Re: Kareo please help

TechCatherine wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 1 23:26:41 CDT 2011

TechCatherine wrote:
> I'm well aware that I'm on here a few months late, but I was hoping to find some step-by-step answers. I'm not utilizing Kareo (http://www.kareo.com/) at the moment, but it's one of the medical billing softwares that my boss is looking into. That said, he's also not adamant about keeping Windows on our system. . . .but he doesn't want Mac either. Pretty large conundrum, right?
> Anyway, my boss is looking for a simpler OS -- one much like Ubuntu. The biggest hurdle to get through is that he's put me in charge of switching all this over and I don't know the first thing about changing OS's and making medical billing software compatible. Think anyone can help me out? It would be super appreciated. We want the switch to be as quick and painless as possible. While we're not a paperless office (yet), we have a lot of saved info. Thanks!!!

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> If you're not fully up to speed with Linux, you could do a lot worse 
> than hiring a few days consultation from somebody local who is. 
> If most of your non-billing information is in a common format, e.g. MS 
> Office and doesn't use fancy tricks, such as VBA macros, it should be 
> immediately accessible from Open Office/Libre Office - at least that's 
> my experience. Same goes for web pages, especially if they're written in 
> HTML and PHP. 
> Your billing software may be easy if there's a native Linux port, it 
> works under Wine, or if its sitting on a database using a schema that's 
> easily ported to one of the native Linux databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, 
> Oracle - the first may be easiest). It looks to me that the billing 
> system authors may be your first port of call there. 
> Martin

Thanks for the advice, Martin! Much appreciated! =)

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