[Wine] Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 11:09:22 CDT 2011

> IMO, there are enough experienced users on the mailing list to sustain it, if they want to, but the "if they want to" is key. I find it very striking that while several mailing list users have stated emphatically that they will not switch to the forum, absolutely no one has said they want the mailing list to continue. If no one cares enough to even say that, then clearly it is time to pull the plug.

I think the point for the users that do not want to go to the forum
(myself included) is that if only 10% of users will use the ML (and
there is no connection to the forum) that traffic would be very low
and may just include those who don't want to switch.


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