[Wine] Re: Wine 1.3.26 no output from linux console to windows console

C3PO wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 5 14:19:37 CDT 2011

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> In any case, if you're serious about running graphical programs on
> remote hosts you're probably better off using VNC. Have you looked at
> that yet?
> Martin

Thanks for the reply. 

It's not about graphical programs, FAR integrates a terminal like you're using Putty in background of your panels (Pressing Ctrl-O shows that background) FAR's panel could be linked to a remote host as well as to the local filesystem. It's one of the features. 

I can access inux box with RDP. Far is not about that. Thanks for a tip though. Imagine like you have a file manager which can map anything in it's control panels. Editor - yes, syntax highlight - sure, codpage convertor - why not, remote host - of course . CVS - definitely. It's an unltimate solution for a developers which saves a lot lot of time. You don't need anything else while you're working in FAR :-)

Another way of thinking about far... imagine that all KDE AND linux terminal functions are integrated in a text manager, just two panels with files and buttons.  It rather completes the terminal to the full scale text user interface to the host and remote system. 

You could close windows' task manager and do the same with FAR about 10 times faster then with windows GUI. 

It would be a swiss knife tool for Linux if it's ever ported to it.

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