[Wine] Re: Locally "installed" Dll's

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 13 09:12:23 CDT 2011

ischou wrote:
> Wine doesn't seem to behave this way (at least not version 1.3.28).  Is that a correct assessment?  If so, is there a rationale for why wine doesn't behave this way?

You are correct. If Wine's dll isn't compiled to prefer native Wine will always try it's own first. This is intentional.

ischou wrote:
> And would it be difficult to implement?  Or is there a setting to enable this type of behavior?

It's already implemented. Add your program to winecfg applications (first tab). Select it, go to libraries tab, add whatever dlls you want it to use as native, and set them to "native" or "native, builtin" order.

ischou wrote:
> In my current case, I'd hate to have to install vcrun2008 in a perfectly good WINEPREFIX just to run one tiny application that came with its own dlls in its local directory.

Newer (msvc7.0+) runtimes are special. They use manifest files, and won't work if not properly installed, or manifests are missing...

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