[Wine] Darkfall US client

j0r5k1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 26 21:54:08 CDT 2011

Darkfall 1.0.48
Slackware: 13.37
HD Radeon 4650 AMD ATI Drivers installed.
I run Guildwars Flawlessly.

Dark Fal 1.0.48l
Install works....
Patcher works..... You have to refresh to see download bar.
Character select works....... You have to minimize then maximize to hit the play button.

You have to minimize and restore again to get it to init. the game launcher.

Then I get an ERROR: "Can't find any valid graphics devices for running Dark Fall.
hmm wonder why??? Guildwars runs just fine...

Just an FYI.

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