[Wine] Re: Diablo II LoD Crushed to go to Act 2!

Paramedic12 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 26 20:24:51 CDT 2011

> I have got a problem with Diablo II LoD under Wine.
> I use openSuse 10.3 an will play Diablo II LoD.
> And now i will go from Act one to Act two and than Diablo crushed.
> The error is:
> Diablo II Exception
> Unhandled Exception
> Access.Violation (c0000005)

First, sorry for bringing back an old thread but I am in desperate need of help.

Diablo 3 is about to be released and I cant wait so I decided to start playing Diablo 2 again. Unfortunately, I am getting this error code while trying to play. I searched around the web and found nothing, except one workaround (here: diablo 3 barbarian skills list (http://diablo3area.com/diablo3-barbarian-skills.php) ), that did not seem to work..

I googled and found this thread..

Does anyone around here knows how to solve this problem? I even tried rebooting my graphic card.. Duh!

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