[Wine] Re: Weird question about OpenCL/SwiftShader (Magical Loop)

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 5 09:06:34 CST 2012

Speaking about CPU/GPU, I have a computer with i945 graphics, which I really like, because it's stable and doesn't consume much power, but as with other older intel integrated graphics, it wouldn't support games that really require DX 9.0c compatible hardware, as i945 chipsets don't support every DX9 feature in hardware, with i915 it's even worse. The intel drivers for windows implement the missing features in software, so that many games still run with acceptable performance. Certainly it should be intels task to implement the same features in their linux driver, but they probably will never do that. 

So the question: Would it be reasonable to expect the wine project to enhance their DX in a such a way, that it called mesa functions, if the linux driver wouldn't support certain functionality? So that in theory every DX9 game would run in wine on intel chipsets?

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