[Wine] WineConsole Font Issue

AsadMoeen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 9 06:04:24 CST 2012

Well many of you already know about the error but I'll still like to explain. I'm actually trying to get a Game Server Run on Linux without the X-server/VNC running. The server works but I don't have any console. There are some users who actually got a console without Xserver/VNC running on their game server using wineconsole so I'm trying to do the same but wineconsole would always give me this error,

err:wineconsole:WINECON_Fatal Couldn't find a decent font, aborting

Googling the error showed a lot of stuff which I tried. Some people say that if you set the LANG variable, you can get past the error which didn't work for me. After that I downloaded mstcorefonts fonts which also didn't help.

I manually tried to edit user.reg files and set mstcorefonts there but on running Wine, it would auto over-write those files. Also tried to set it using regedit by installing VNC/xterm but running wine would again put all the values to default.

Here is what I'm running:


uk:~# wine --version

If anyone has a solution, please come up. Already spent a lot of time on this.

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