[Wine] wine sandboxed inside LXC

mrmedia wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 10 01:28:58 CST 2012

Has anyone installed LXC and added the apt repository and successfully installed wine inside? 

I was thinking that this would be a good default install or worthy of a 'howto'.
Good for security, good performance.
Not sure what the possibilities are - maybe wine can run leaner and meaner???

The LXC containers are getting more simple to install, and ssh to the sandbox is easy enough.   I have not yet tried the -X option in ssh - but it ought to work in passing back an interface. Else is like connecting to a chroot environment and can have it own X windows in it. 

Why? well win is easy to hack, and maybe wine is not because it is cut down already, but maybe it is too.

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