[Wine] Re: Regression help please

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 10 13:59:49 CST 2012

A Nonny Moose wrote:
> Finished bisecting between 1.4-rc1 and 1.4-rc2.  All tests uniformly bad.
> I wonder if I might have missed this in my tests of rc1?
> Is it possible to create rc1 and test again?
> There is also a possibility I found a bug in the app (SimCity 4 Deluxe), but I am active in the bugs forum on Stimtropolis and this would be a new one.  This app has been unchanged by the vendor since 2003.  Besides, it is not consistent so far as the app goes, but it does seem to be consistent in wine.
> Should I just report this on Bugzilla and stop or can I continue hunting somehow?

There are several possibilities, one of which is that the commit that caused this did occur earlier than 1.4-rc2 and you just didn't notice. To test that, do git bisect reset, and start over with git bisect bad set at 1.4-rc1 and git bisect good at 1.3.37 (or even earlier). 

The other possibilities are that a change to something else in your system is causing the problem, or that a change in Wine (or something else on your system) has exposed a bug in the game (or something else on your system).

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