[Wine] Re: problem running quickbooks

Emegra wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 11 01:22:21 CST 2012

Thanks again Martin

]I'm sorry but a lot of what you wrote in your last post went way over my head, I'm not particularly computer literate and although I can follow instructions i don't have the same fundamental understanding as most people on these forums of code & syntax etc.

another problem I've discovered is Quickbooks will also crash when I try to backup, also the shut down problem only happens if I have a company file loaded.

I've tried various command line instructions to get Quickbooks to load from terminal without success could you please tell me what format the command should be to get Quickbooks to open from the terminal, the path is wine/c/Intuit/Program Files/qbw32.exe.

Many Thanks


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