[Wine] problem running quickbooks

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Jan 11 05:50:07 CST 2012

On Wed, 2012-01-11 at 01:22 -0600, Emegra wrote:
> Thanks again Martin
> I've tried various command line instructions to get Quickbooks to load
> from terminal without success could you please tell me what format the
> command should be to get Quickbooks to open from the terminal, the
> path is wine/c/Intuit/Program Files/qbw32.exe.
Are you sure that path is correct? I would expect it to be one of:
.wine/drive_c/Intuit/Program Files/qbw32.exe
.wine/dosdevices/c:/Intuit/Program Files/qbw32.exe

I'll assume you meant the first of these. First, from the console, try
running the commands:

	cd $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Intuit/Program Files/
	wine qbw32.exe
	wineboot --force
	wine qbw32.exe
	wineboot --force

If this sequence can be run successfully, i.e. quickbooks run OK the
second time, use a text editor, such as gedit, to put the stuff between
rows of dashes into a file: lets call it quickbooks:
cd $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Intuit/Program Files/
wine qbw32.exe
wineboot --force

Now make the file executable with the command: 

	chmod uga+x quickbooks

This small executable piece of text is called a script. You should now
be able to run it and have quickbooks start, run and clean up after
itself with the command:


Ideally, you'd put the quickbooks script in the /usr/local/bin directory
and make sure that appears in the search path (use the "echo $PATH"
command to check that) because that avoids cluttering your home
directory and makes the script available no matter which directory
you're in. I leave that as an exercise for you as they say. KNowing how
to install scripts centrally is a basic, and very useful, Linux skill to
have, so find an online tutorial or get a suitable book and find out how
to do it. I hear that, much as I dislike its title, "Linux for Dummies"
is a pretty good place to start, though if you consider yourself a
Windows power user "Linux in a Nutshell" will tell you more and in a
more concise form as well as being a good reference book.


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