[Wine] Starcraft I broodwar dying on mouse click.

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 09:13:27 CST 2012

> I have Fedora 16 and wine-1.3.36.
> I installed starcraft broodwar with out problems.
> Then i started game and created local network game it was ok.
> When the game starts i can go in menu and click with mouse everywhere changing options and preferences, but when i make any click on the map or the unit the game just go out...
> So any click in game after it starts - cause to starcraft die.

How about posting on pastebin the terminal output during the crash?


Also graphics cards and drivers can effect this. nVidia with nVidia
proprietary drivers still represents the best chance of success with
Intel gpus and drivers having the most problems.


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