[Wine] Help with Wine and running exe w/ possible malware?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Jan 23 09:54:46 CST 2012

Hi Vitamin,
> Pavel Troller wrote:
> > 1) Create a new WINEPREFIX. 
> > - Make a directory 
> > - do "export WINEPREFIX=/path/to/that/directory" (absolute path must be used)
> And you'll end up with BROKEN wineprefix. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT create this directory yourself! Wine have to do it.

  I know that you're real expert, but please could you be more comprehensive, when issuing such strong statements ?
  AFAIK, this is not true, at least not generally - see my next experiment:

patrol at arcus:~$ mkdir wp1
patrol at arcus:~$ export WINEPREFIX=/home/patrol/wp1
patrol at arcus:~$ winecfg # Gecko not installed and "Ok" just pressed in the GUI
patrol at arcus:~$ export WINEPREFIX=/home/patrol/wp2
patrol at arcus:~$ winecfg # The same as before
patrol at arcus:~$ ls -laR wp1 >wp1.out
patrol at arcus:~$ ls -laR wp2 >wp2.out
patrol at arcus:~$ sed s/wp2/wp1/g wp2.out >wp2.out.new
patrol at arcus:~$ diff -u wp1.out wp2.out.new
patrol at arcus:~$ 

  As you can see, the directories are not differing in their contents - of course I didn't make md5sums of all the files, but I don't believe that winecfg will create DIFFERENT FILES (but with the same length) depending on the fact the wineprefix directory exists before winecfg is called or not.
  So, please, could you inform us, in which case winecfg will break the wineprefix, when it is just freshly created ? I'm very curious about it.

With regards, Pavel

> As to OP's original question (second from the bottom question): http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-f566a12c806a1eacaeefb7cb6419a513a773c571

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