[Wine] Re: Help with Wine and running exe w/ possible malware?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 24 22:29:04 CST 2012

Pavel Troller wrote:
> So, please, could you inform us, in which case winecfg will break the wineprefix, when it is just freshly created ?

winecfg isn't involved in creating wineprefix. Lots of other programs are. If you really want details - search wine-devel and/or bugzilla.

Don't have a link(s) handy to point you to AJ's response along the lines that "Wine uses a fact of directory not existing to initiate extra steps required to create valid wineprefix. This is by design and there is no reason to change it. Otherwise Wine would penalize all programs with long startup times required for extra needless checks."

Even it would seem that most things are done, some steps were skipped and your prefix will be broken.

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