[Wine] Counter - Strike with Steam random Freeze, have to shut down

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Sun Jan 29 13:01:54 CST 2012

Therese ist a known ati driver Problem. You have to change some settings with aticonfig. Therese is a Bug report somewhere explaining how to wirklich around.
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vitamin <wineforum-user at winehq.org> schrieb:

Chris . wrote:
> Anyway, the first times it worked fine, but now i get to play like 20 seconds(sometimes even 10-20 minutes), if lucky, and it just freezes and i can't do anything so i have to hold the power button for the laptop to shut down.(or do the alt+SysRq reisub thing)

Sounds like drives/hardware problem. Reinstall video drivers. Make sure your video card isn't overheating - pretty common with laptops.

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