[Wine] Re: Anyone successful with Quicken 2012?

AstroRoid wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 23 03:51:21 CDT 2012

Same boat, forced to update my 2009....

I was successful installing Quicken Rental Property Manager 2012 using the 2011 Premier steps (the 4 winetricks installs and the override)

On wine-1.4 and Ubuntu 11.10.  Appears to run nicely/smoothly and so far so good.. however I have encountered a glaring problem that really makes it unusable, which I cannot seem to resolve:

All pop-up windows, i.e. file password, input bill, account warnings, backup, etc etc appear BEHIND the main window. 

I am able to type my password and press enter to get into the file, and when warning messages come up I can press escape after using (Alt+Tab to see what it is and selecting it) but other than that I can't fill out forms and use the mouse on the pop-ups.  And I can't move the main window because it is locked by the pop-up.

I am unable to de-select the 'Allow the window manager to control the windows' option because when I do that I have no way of accessing the pop-up to Esc out (because it does not appear in Alt+Tab view).  And 'Emulate a virtual desktop' didn't fix either.

Bottom line is program is unusable in its current state, and is really the only thing keeping me stuck to Windows.

Hopefully somebody here has some suggestions?  

I am fairy new to linux, and BRAND spanking new to Wine.


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