[Wine] My experience with wine

ruinairas wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 26 22:43:30 CDT 2012

Here is a list of games that work for me! :)

Mass Effect 3- Perfectly
Halo- Perfectly
Left 4 Dead- Perfectly
Left 4 Dead 2- Perfectly
Dead Rising- Perfectly
Dead Rising 2/OTC- Perfectly
Sonic Generations- No sound, other than that perfect.
Blood Rayne 1- Perfectly
BloodRayne 2- Perfectly on the default resolution, any other that the text isn't displayed correctly
Terminator: Salvation: Perfectly
Crysis- Perfectly
Crysis 2- Perfectly sometimes, othertimes not 0_0
GTA San Andreas- Sometimes perfectly, other times CJ moves on his own
GTA Vice City- Perfectly
Serious Sam 3- Perfectly
Saints Row 2- Works, hard to get to run
Halo 2- Works, very hard to get around xlive
Angry Birds (All)- Platinum rating
Scarface- Perfectly, low fps at times
Everquest 2 (Latest)- Perfectly
Runescape client- Perfectly
World of Warcraft- Perfectly in OpenGL mode

What I'd like to see working in the future:

Saints Row 3-It's missing D3D functions in wine in Direct9 mode
Sonic Generations- I'd like to have sound, I think it's a pulseaudio bug
.net 3.5 is hard to install correctly, usually crashes even with winetricks

This thread is just a simple feedback to the community. I hope it helps some people who are iffy on buying games not knowing whether or not it'll work. I found this a lot easier and quicker than creating a appDb thread for each game, that takes forever.. :/ Most of these games were done using wine 1.4 stable (Crysis is broken on 1.4 stable, it works on 1.3.28)

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