[Wine] Re: Fifa Manager 12 starting issue

stonix_015 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 30 19:34:38 CDT 2012

when you enter winecfg, there should be a "graphics".
there you can activate pixel shaders and so on.

Whats your wine version ? check it under "about" in winecfg.

Your failure is a bit strange.
You get many fixmes, which is usually normal and not a reason to crash.
After that there is a "xp_destroy_surface: assertion failed: s != NULL"
It says, that a value somewhere isnt 0, but has to be 0.
I never heard failure-desciption "xp_destroy_surface" before.
I think it is not easy to solve this problem. It is some way caused by a mac-version of wine, i dont know how similar to linux-version it is.

There is another failure i recognized;
err:avicap:query_video_device Video 4 Linux support not enabled 

Google that and look for reasons for that.
When you find e.g. a patch file, i can teach you how to use it.

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