[Wine] Re: Fifa Manager 12 starting issue

escovaro wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 31 10:22:39 CDT 2012

hi stonix! thnx for ur quick reply!

wine version is 1.5.0 downloaded yesterday probably just before 1.5.1 was released.

in winecfg (which is in german :( ) only get 4 options. 

1. automaticaly catch mouse in fs mode?            -- i chose yes
2. allow windowmanager to decorate a window?  -- no
3. allow windowmanagaer to control a window?   -- no
4. emulate a virtual desktop?                             -- yes

desktop size i set to 1680x1050 as this is my screen size. 
and resolution i left as it was at 96dpi

ill now google the "err:avicap:query_video_device Video 4 Linux support not enabled "-thing, see what i find.. ill post it if i find anything. 

thnx again for ur good will ;) later

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