[Wine] Error running an app on a Mac

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat May 5 23:03:51 CDT 2012

Hey, James.

> For some strange reason, I've NEVER been able to get Wine to run on various macs using MacPorts or Fink builds (even WineBottler and Ryans scripts required this) without setting the DYLD_BACKUP_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the Wine libraries.
> I HIGHLY recommend using MacPorts and/or Fink to install Wine rather than 'rolling your own' for this reason.

Ironically, i don't use Wine on my Mac. (ironic, because i am helping
someone sort out Mac-specific wine issues / at least the 'launchd
bit').... In the past i've used wine in OSX, but these days i only use
wine in Archlinux and mostly just for using VST plugins + the odd
other windows app.

Could you point user 'Prahas' - the original poster to some useful
info, that you think might be helpful?


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