[Wine] Re: Hi im new, With questions about helping an app

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 10 08:05:20 CDT 2012

Nith wrote:
> 1.Firstly i would like to know what is the details and requirements of submitting this for a new item in the appDatabase?

Create an AppDB account, log in, click "Submit App" in the menu on the left, and follow the prompts. The information it's going to ask you for is the stuff that appears in every AppDB entry (name of app, version, vendor, a brief description), along with a test report.

> 2.What tools and information should i use/acquire to capture all the information i can to help the community.

Install it and try to run it as you would normally. If it works, there's nothing more to be done. If it doesn't, file bugs for what doesn't work, and attach ordinary console output. If in doubt, post questions here first.

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