[Wine] Error -installing IBM Visualage COBOL requires at least 64M

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed May 23 03:43:18 CDT 2012

On Tue, 2012-05-22 at 23:07 -0500, chaat wrote:

> I'm attempting to make the move to Linux and would really like to be
> able to run this compiler in WINE.
Have you looked at any of the native Linux COBOL implementations?

If you want to make the move to Linux and have source code, you'd be
better off using native tools and compilers rather than those that can
only run with the aid of a Windows->Linux API translator like Wine. 

I haven't written COBOL for years, so bear with a reverse C analogy:
when I write C on a Linux box I use the native GNU C compiler - of
course! - but if I need the same code to run on a Windows system I use
the gjgpp compiler (a native port of GNU C to Windows) rather than
installing Cygwyn (the equivalent to Wine in reverse) and using a
compiler that generates executables that can only run on Winboxes with
Cygwin installed.
The best-known COBOL for *nix systems is Microfocus COBOL, but of course
that isn't free. OTOH there are several free versions, such as GNU COBOL
which, like several other language implementations (FORTRAN 77 and Java
to name two), is a front end for the GNU C compiler and so should
compile and run on any system that uses GNU C.



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