[Wine] Re: Error -installing IBM Visualage COBOL requires at least 64M

chaat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 23 14:48:46 CDT 2012


the reason I'm attempting to use this COBOL compiler is because i write code for deployment on an IBM mainframe running Z/OS. I do not use the IBM VISUAL AGE COBOL compiler to generate any executable modules.

I do most of my initial coding on my pc and then migrate the source code to the mainframe for execution. For this reason, I use the IBM VISUAL AGE COBOL compiler as it is almost an exact match to the IBM ENTERPRISE COBOL compiler that we use on the mainframe. That way I can minimize the number of compile errors on the mainframe as the syntax checking is almost identical between the two compilers.

I'm attempting to convert my pc to run Linux so I would like to run the IBM VISUAL AGE COBOL compiler using WINE.

I did see some links to a wiki for issues with the Installshield product


I'll study the suggestions in the above WIKI and see if that helps resolve the issue that i'm encountering.

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