[Wine] Building a shared WoW64 setup from source

Parisa Tatapudy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 28 18:32:42 CDT 2012

I am trying to build a shared WoW64 setup on Ubuntu 10.04 from source.  I have already installed wine-1.4 using the APT package handling utility in Ubuntu, and I have downloaded and uncompressed the tarball for wine-1.5.5 into /usr/local.  If I understand correctly, I must remove wine-1.4 before installing wine-1.5.5 from source, which presumably includes removing (or moving) my current $HOME/.wine directory.

My version of gcc is 4.4.3, the lastest stable package for Ubuntu 10.04.  The page http://wiki.winehq.org/Wine64 seems to say that I will be unable to compile wine-1.5.5 with this version of gcc?  I would rather not install a currently unsupported version of gcc.

Running ./configure --help from /usr/local/wine-1.5.5, it says that the --with-wine64=DIR flag will "use the 64-bit Wine in DIR for a Wow64 build".  I don't understand what directory DIR is supposed to be.  Perhaps $HOME/.wine or something?  So, will the commands

rm -r $HOME/.wine
mkdir $HOME/.wine
cd /usr/local/wine-1.5.5
./configure --with-wine64=$HOME/.wine
sudo make install

build the shared WoW64 setup that I want?

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