[Wine] No MIDI devices in winecfg

Klaus-Peter Schrage kpschrage at gmx.de
Thu Oct 4 07:11:01 CDT 2012

More than two years ago, I had an issue with MIDI support in wine, see 
the following thread:
The solution was to install the wine-alsa package which hadn't been 
installed in Fedora by default.

Now, trying to make MIDI work, again I cant' find any MIDI device, 
neither hardware nor software based. Neither winecfg nor various 
apllications (Band in a Box, editors for MIDI hardware) show any MIDI port.

MIDI works flawlessly in Fedora 17 (64bit, but only 32bit wine packages 
are installed); aconnect -o shows:

Client 14: 'Midi Through' [Typ=Kernel]
     0 'Midi Through Port-0'
Client 16: 'TerraTec DMX6Fire' [Typ=Kernel]
     0 'MIDI-Front DMX6fire 0'
    32 'Wavetable DMX6fire 0'
Client 128: 'FLUID Synth (2957)' [Typ=User]
     0 'Synth input port (2957:0)'

Unlike my former issue, wine-alsa (32bit) is present now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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