[Wine] Using Wine-git for running programs.

Gary Roach gary719_list1 at verizon.net
Sat Jan 12 15:13:14 CST 2013

OS Debian Linux Wheezy

I am just reinstalling wine and installed wine-git because I know I am 
going to have to do a regression or two. I haven't bothered to install 
wine by it self. When I tried to install and run a version of Websters 
dictionary the program installed without error but refused to run 
producing a fatal error window. I had this program running under wine 
1.5.5 some time ago and it ran fine. Is the failure due to a change in 
the newer version or is it due to the fact that I am trying to run the 
program from wine-git with no straight wine copy installed. Do I need to 
install a straight copy of wine as well as wine-git.

All help will be sincerely appreciated.

Gary R.

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