[Wine] Using Wine-git for running programs.

gurketsky gurketsky at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 14 04:48:35 CST 2013

On 12.01.2013 22:13, Gary Roach wrote:
> OS Debian Linux Wheezy
> wine-1.5.21-109-g136b738
> I am just reinstalling wine and installed wine-git because I know I am
> going to have to do a regression or two. I haven't bothered to install
> wine by it self. When I tried to install and run a version of Websters
> dictionary the program installed without error but refused to run
> producing a fatal error window. I had this program running under wine
> 1.5.5 some time ago and it ran fine. Is the failure due to a change in
> the newer version or is it due to the fact that I am trying to run the
> program from wine-git with no straight wine copy installed. Do I need to
> install a straight copy of wine as well as wine-git.
> All help will be sincerely appreciated.
> Gary R.
Using wine from git is enough. You could run it directly from the build 
directory. There is no need to install it. Make sure you have all 
dependencies available. Well if wine 1.5.5 worked in the past, version 
1.5.5 should also work from your own git build. If it doesn't work, 
check if your distribution has some patches applied. After that, you 
could run the regression test.


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