[Wine] WineHQ Web API?

Mikhail Krutov neko at takino.org
Tue Jan 22 10:40:29 CST 2013

Fetching data for a web-app (which I want to make in the end) this way is ugly.
You overhead both your server and the server you fetch data from.
Also, you should not use unix utilities for such tasks, any other language suites 
better. Parsing things with sed, grep, cut and friends is unreadable and 
> Yes, I agree, it would have been nice :)
> Although, I would suggest that instead of making your script really bogged
> down with  removing data, to just use head and tail to isolate what you
> need. Or, since these words are only likely to appear once in the app page,
> and not anywhere else, you could just search for the words gold, platinum,
> silver, bronze, garbage, etc. using grep.

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