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Artie Caton ArtieC1 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 19 13:12:47 CDT 2013

Hi People, I am new to this entire setup and I am running Fedora17 on my
Linux machine. I am trying to do a college course at home with
Stanford.edu on eclipse & Karel package for intro to programming. As I
start the install of the 1st package which is
Java 1.6 JRE installer for the PC

It gets stuck on step 3. where it shows the directory lists there is one
that is blank and it says:


Sorry, specify wine library directory.

I cannot go any further with the Java setup for this college program
design until I get this problem fixed... Is there anyone out there who
can help me with this? Sorry, I am newbie at this (56 yr old fireman
with broken spine) and lots of time... I Love Linux and they supply
program packages for Windows platforms or Mac OS X 10 or something like
that... So, I chose to use the Windoze do to NO experience with Mac at all!

Thanks for anything at ALL,
Artie Caton

Using *Gateway NE56R31u Laptop* 64bit platform twin processors DDR memory.

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