[Wine] Q4WineSetup:

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Mar 20 07:37:48 CDT 2013

On Tue, 2013-03-19 at 14:12 -0400, Artie Caton wrote:
> Hi People, I am new to this entire setup and I am running Fedora17 on my
> Linux machine. I am trying to do a college course at home with
> Stanford.edu on eclipse & Karel package for intro to programming. As I
> start the install of the 1st package which is
> Java 1.6 JRE installer for the PC
> <http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs106a/software/jre-6u2-windows-i586-p.exe>
> It gets stuck on step 3. where it shows the directory lists there is one
> that is blank and it says:
> Sorry, specify wine library directory.
What, exactly, does the course material require in the way of programs
apart from Eclipse and the Java 6SE development kit? 

If the answer is 'nothing', you can get Eclipse by using the Fedora 17
package manager to install the Eclipse packages. Open Java should have
been installed as part of the initial Fedora install and, if not, its
likely that it will be pulled in as an Eclipse dependency. 

If you need Sun/Oracle Java rather than OpenJava you can download the
JDK (Java Development Kit) from here:
In addition, be certain to download and install the Java documentation
set. Its a large ZIP archive. You can unpack it anywhere and, because
its a set of web pages, add a bookmark for its top-level index.html page
to your web browser.  

If, on the other hand, your course requires you to use some Windows
programs, start by installing the Fedora 17 WINE packages and then use
WINE to install the Windows versions of the Java and Eclipse packages.
If this isn't the case, you'll be better off using native Linux Eclipse
and Java because (a) they will almost certainly work better and (b)
you'll want to be writing Java to run on your Linux box and might as
well find out about that from the start.

> I cannot go any further with the Java setup for this college program
> design until I get this problem fixed... Is there anyone out there who
> can help me with this? Sorry, I am newbie at this (56 yr old fireman
> with broken spine) and lots of time... I Love Linux and they supply
> program packages for Windows platforms or Mac OS X 10 or something like
> that... So, I chose to use the Windoze do to NO experience with Mac at all!
It might be a smart move to talk to Stanford before going any further.
Explain that you want to use your Fedora 17 Linux distro to learn Java
and ask them which set of packages they recommend you use.

The Fedora Eclipse packages can be installed either by using the
graphical 'Add/Remove packages' system maintenance tool or by starting a
console session, becoming root and running "yum install eclipse*".
Similarly "yum install java*" installs Java, if it isn't already there,
and "yum install wine*" installs WINE if you need it.

Sun/Oracle distribute their Java JDK (you need the JDK to write Java
programs: the JRE only runs existing programs) as an RPM file. Once
downloaded, the command "sudo rpm -U name-of-download.rpm" installs it
under /usr/java. You'll need to add a couple of shell variables to your
user shell profile (edit ~/.bash_profile) before this version of Java
will work:

- Add /usr/java/jdk1.7.x/bin to $PATH (where jdk1.7.x matches
  the version you downloaded.

- Set $JAVA_HOME to /usr/java/jdk1.7.x

Of course OpenJava will be set up correctly when the OpenJava packages
are installed, which may have been done automatically when you installed
Fedora 17 and will almost certainly be done as part of the Eclipse


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