[Wine] Mouse click works in some parts and not others

Kurt Gibson kgibson at gibsonlawfirm.com
Fri Nov 8 08:33:13 CST 2013

I am new to winehq.

I want to use it to run a program called Bestcase but it is not 
working.  Do I just have to wait for something to happen to fix it or 
for someone to care enough about Bestcase to change wine so that it runs 
Bestcase?  Is there something that I can do to possibly make it work?  
What are the steps required to get this program working under wine?  I 
don't know what the process is?  I am not a programmer.

Below is a description of the problem.

The program installs and looks like it works somewhat until you start to 
enter information.  As described in the bug report below and appdb 
reports, the mouse works on some buttons and tabs, but not what other 
things fields and radio buttons.  You can't click on stuff to give it 
focus or select it.

Note -- the last appdb report says that wine 1.3.31 works with MacOS 
10.7 (Lion), and says that the former problem is fixed.  However, I 
could not get it to work with a recent install of gentoo linux and on 
MacOS 10.5.8 (Leopard).  I had the same problem on my 2007 Mac laptop 
and 2011 Toshiba laptop.  The toshiba has gentoo linux.  My problem is 
the same the first AppDB report linked below on both machines.

See links below

Thanks for any suggestions.


[Bug 28919] New: Best Case Bankruptcy 20: Dialog tabs not receiving 
mouse focus:  

What does not [work]
After Setting the program up with your law firm, clients, etc., not all 
of the functions work. Fields can not be selected by scrolling or mouse; 
only by up and down arrows. Certain buttons are not clickable.

Rating    Garbage
Wine Version    0.9.33.


Rating    Silver
Wine Version    1.3.31

What works
Program installs and runs. Able to complete a bankruptcy petition. 
Recent fixes in Wine 1.3.31 fixed the earlier problem.

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