[Wine] Linux-Emacs as Editor of Wine-Outlook

Karl Voit devnull at Karl-Voit.at
Wed Nov 13 04:41:32 CST 2013


I was once using XP with Outlook 2003 and Windows-Emacs as Editor.
Back then, I was using methods like [1] to send the content of the
current Email message to Emacs in order to get a decent email
editors. This compensated a number of issues I have with Outlook as
a MUA.

Now, I am using Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy with Outlook 2010 with
PlayOnLinux (I am pretty new to Wine/PlayOnLinux).

The methods described on [1] might not work at all because of the
different software contexts - I guess.

Is somebody using GNU/Emacs as an editor for Wine-Outlook?

Has somebody an idea how I can send email content from Wine-Outlook
to Linux-Emacs and back?


  1. http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/MsOutlook
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