[Wine] Run .xls spredsheet with macros

jorge jrodriguez17 at cpcecr.com
Sun Mar 26 17:12:30 CDT 2017

Good afternoon:

	Thank you by accept me in this list...I'm new in this list but I have a
problem that I hope You can help me:

	I almost always use GNU/Linux (Ubuntu usually), but I need to run a
spreadsheet with macros (.xa) that content the SimulAr program for
simulate Monte Carlo methods.

	When I run the program, I got this message:

	"Has occurred the error '-2147417848 (80010108)' In time of execution.
Error in the RegWrite object method 'IWsh Shell3' "

	Then I can't start to run the program.

	I'm running Wine 2.4 dev on GNU / Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with Excel 2003. 

	Do you know how to solve this problem ?. Would you please help me ?



Jorge Rodríguez

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