Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sun Jan 11 11:26:34 CST 2004

Cool!  I'd love to have your help, Joe.

Let me tell you what we've planned so far; please
feel free to kibitz.

We've got a spare Mac that we don't use for much,
but we had done a video capture project on it a while
back, so we know it does that nicely.

We've got the Mac Quicktime broadcaster on that Mac,
and the Mac is on our local network (although we're
still working out exactly how we're going to connect
our local network to the downstairs room, but
I think we're almost there).  The Mac broadcasts
across our relatively slow internet pipe (DSL)
to the main Wine server, where we're running the
Linux based Quicktime streaming server.  The Wine
server has a nice big fat pipe to the 'net, so
bandwidth from there shouldn't be an issue
(although we could also easily set up a relay
to any other servers folks wanted to set up).

Last thing on my todo list is figuring out how
to get the server to archive the stream. It can be
done on the Mac, but it has a (comparitively) tiny
hard drive, so I'm not sure that's the way to go.

We don't have a decent mic, and we're using an old
cruddy video camera atm (and I'd just as soon not
persuade my wife to let me bring in our spiffy new
one <grin>).  Further, none of us are experts
at this in any way shape or form, so we'd love to
have the help.



Joe Baker wrote:

> I am planning on attending WineConf and I have significant
> professional skill as a videographer.  I've got a firewire
> camcorder and a decent wireless microphone.  I'd love to be
> of service in this way.
> -Joe Baker
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> On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 12:32, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
>>The last wineconf was webcasted to the world via this page
>>Is there any chance of lpbn or CW webcasting wineconf 2004?
>>A free real server is available from
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