How about holding Wineconf at Google's campus in Mountain View, California?

Tom Wickline twickline at
Wed Feb 7 00:37:46 CST 2007

On 2/7/07, Brian Vincent <vinn at> wrote:
> Random thoughts:
> 1.  There must be someone on the ground that's willing to organize the
> conference.  Saying we want it in Amsterdam is nice, but we have to find
> someone there to organize.
> 2.  We had some suggestions come out from the last WineConf: one was
> Slovakia (which sounded interesting) and the other was Hans Leidekker
> mentioning some space he might be able to find at the university he
> works at in Holland.  I think an email to Hans might open a door.

> 3.  Europe really lends itself well to hosting it.  That's where the
> majority of developers seem to be and the travel is easy.  I don't
> think the US will attract nearly as many people.

With this logic you are suggesting all future conferences should be
held in Europe?
To be fair to the minority shouldn't the conference be held in the US
every third or fourth year?

I believe we should resolve this issue as well, and the sooner the
better. Not the actual location but the continent on which it will be
held on a given year. I recommend a three to one ratio, then at least
we will have some idea on the location of future conferences.
  Then we can vote on the locations within a given continent and not
have to squabble each and every year over continent and location.


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