WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 20 15:03:10 CST 2007

I've had a read through, and I think that's a fairly well put together
page; we could put that up and link to it from the front page of WineHQ.

I do have a lot of nits I would pick with it, but I figure I'll wait on doing
that until after we've decided when/whether to do this.  (Things like
changing the check address to go to the SFLC, not me, and tuning some of the

I have to admit I'm fairly neutral about this; I can't see any harm in it,
and if it means there's even one more person at Wineconf, that seems like a Good Thing (TM).

Being a bit cynical, what we're doing to some extent is selling our high Google
page rank; basically, $1,000 gets you 12 months of good search engine placement.
That may be way too little money.

Do others have an opinion?



Tom Wickline wrote:
> Hello All,
> This is my latest revision of the donations page, any thoughts on the
> content or goal?  :)
> Tom
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