Next steps for Wineconf 2007

James Hawkins truiken at
Tue Feb 20 16:25:25 CST 2007

On 2/20/07, Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:
> I think it makes sense to make this email sort of a 'last call'
> for hosting offers - please speak up now if you have
> an idea for Wineconf 2007.
> But, barring a retraction, we seem to have two generous offers
> to host Wineconf this year (yay!).
> That is, one in Zurich (Google/Mike Hearn), and one in Amsterdam or Utrech (Hans).
> I did a quick, completely non scientific, survey of prices for a trip
> from MSP to each site around the weekend of September 22:
>             Flight     Hotel
> Zurich       $902      ~$125
> Amsterdam    $820      ~$150
> which suggests to me that they are fairly close to a wash.
> With Zurich, I believe we're hoping that Google will donate
> the use of their offices to host the conference.
> With Amsterdam, we may yet need to either shift off a weekend,
> or find a conference location.  (That shouldn't be hard;
> pretty much any hotel is happy to host a conference like this).
> Have I summarized correctly?  I hope I haven't
> misrepresented either offer.
> If so, I suggest we pick a location; and I propose we do
> that by mailing list consensus.  If there doesn't seem to
> be a consensus, then perhaps we could shift to some sort
> of a vote.
> Does that make sense?  If it does, express a preference around
> location, and let's see if a consensus forms...

Do we have confirmation on whether Google's SMO or MTV offices will be
available for video conferencing if we choose Zurich?  Flying to
California would be so much cheaper and more convenient for me and
others in the US if the option is available.  Either way, my vote is
for Zurich.

James Hawkins

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